1st INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE on Control of Intelligent Systems and Devices (IC2ISD’20)


Important dates
Invited session proposal deadline: February 15, 2021 23:59 CET
Paper Submission Opening:  March 1, 2021 23:59 CET
Final Submission Deadline: April 1, 2021 23:59 CET
Assignment of Reviewers:  March 2, 2021 23:59 CET
Final Review deadline:  April 10, 2021 23:59 CET
Decision:  April 15, 2021 23:59 CET
Final paper upload:  May 1, 2021 23:59 CET
Special issue
Future Internet
The IC2ISD'20-MDPI Future Internet Best Paper Award is 400 CHF in cash.
All the best papers will be accepted for a Special Issue. For more details you can follow these links: https://twitter.com/FutureInternet6/status/1201772531880841217
Call for papers

Local Organizing Committee

  • Prof. M.G. Xibilia (Università di Messina, ITALY)

  • Prof. R. Caponetto (Università di Catania, ITALY)

  • Prof. A. Buscarino (Università di Catania, ITALY)

  • Prof. M. Frasca (Università di Catania, ITALY)

  • Prof. M. Bucolo (Università di Catania, ITALY)

Steering Committee

  • Prof. L. Fortuna (Università di Catania, ITALY)

  • Prof. A. Buscarino (Università di Catania, ITALY)

  • Prof. P. Arena  (Università di Catania, ITALY)

  • Prof. G. Muscato (Università di Catania, ITALY)

  • Prof. M. Frasca (Università di Catania, ITALY)

  • Prof. M Bucolo (Università di Catania, ITALY)

  • Prof. S. Graziani (Università di Catania, ITALY)

  • Prof. D. Bruneo (Università di Messina, ITALY)

  • Prof. A. Puliafito (Università di Messina, ITALY)

  • Dr. F. Longo (Università di Messina, ITALY)

  • Prof. G. Maione (Poliba, ITALY)

  • Prof. M. Fanti (Poliba, ITALY)

  • Prof. P. Lino (Poliba, ITALY)

  • Prof. G. Nunnari (Università di Catania, ITALY)

  • Dr. G. Merlino (Università di Messina, ITALY)

  • Prof. Lucia Lo Bello (University of Catania Italy)

  • Prof. M. Dotoli (Poliba, Italy)

Scientific Committee

  • Prof. Houda Ben Attia Sethom (Tunisia)

  • Dr. Ana Belén García-Hernando (Spain)

  • Prof. David Luengo-García (Spain)

  • Dr. Francisco Javier Ortega González (Spain)

  • Dr. José Manuel Pardo-Martín (Spain)

  • Prof. Ilhem Slama-Belkhodja (Tunisia)

  • Dr. Afef Ben Abdelghani Bennani (Tunisia)

  • Dr. Manel Jebali Ben Ghorbel (Tunisia)

  • Dr. Manef Bourogaoui (Tunisia)

  • Dr. Najiba Mrabet Bellaaj (Tunisia)

  • Dr. Jihen Arbi (Tunisia)

  • Dr. Sondes Skander Mustapha (Tunisia)

  • Dr. Marwa Said Ben Romdhan (Tunisia)

  • Dr. Sihem Nasri (Tunisia)

  • Dr. Aissa Chouder (Algeria)

  • Dr. Zina Bousaada (France)

  • Dr. Houda Jouini (Tunisia)

  • Dr. Ahmed Masmoudi (Tunisia)

  • Dr. Imen Abdennadheur (Tunisia)

  • Prof. Khalil Kassmi (Morocco)

  • Dr. Mohamed Mankour (Algeria)

  • Prof. A. Rizzo (Politecnico di Torino, IT)

  • Prof. A. Puliafito (Università di Messina, IT)

  • Prof. Vikrant Sharma (Università Punjab - India)

  • Dr. F. Longo (Università di Messina, IT)

  • Dr. G. Merlino (Università di Catania, IT)

  • Prof. L. Fortuna (Università di Catania)

  • Prof. G. Nunnarni (Università di Catania)

  • Prof. Mihailo Lazarevic (University of Belgrade, Serbia)

  • Dr. Christos Volos (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GR)

  • Dr. Pooja Sharda University, Uzbekistan

  • Dr. Parmanand Astya , India

  • Dr. Wissem Naouar (Tunisia)

  • Dr. Mehdi Turki (Tunisia)

  • Dr. Jamel Belhadj (Tunisia)

  • Dr. Radhwan Hassen (Egypt)

  • Dr. Laurence Miegeville (France)

  • Dr. Mourad Aît Ahmed (France)

  • Dr. Azeddine Houari (France)

  • Dr. Ali Djerioui (Algeria)

  • Dr. Mohamed Machmoum (France)

  • Dr. Nadia Aît Ahmed (France)

  • Dr. Jean Christophe Olivier (France)

  • Dr. Nicolas Bernard (France)

  • Dr. Mohammed El Hadi Zaim (France)

  • Dr. Emmanuel Schaeffer (France)

  • Dr. Meriem Merai (Tunisia)

  • Dr. Hafedh Ben Abdelghani (Tunisia)

  • Prof. Nour F. Attia (Republic of Korea)

  • Dr. Inshad Yousef (German Jordanian University)

  • Dr. Ahmad Telfah (Wissenschaftlicher, Dortmund, Germany)

  • Dr. Abdelqader Ibrahim Imragaa Alabeidi (University of Sheffield, UK)

  • Prof. D. Bruneo (Università di Messina, IT)

  • Prof. Kangli (University of Leeds, UK)

  • Prof. G. Maione (Poliba, IT)

  • Prof. M. Fanti (Poliba, IT)

  • Prof. P. Lino (Poliba, IT)

  • Prof. P. Arean (Università di Catania, IT)

  • Prof. Alexey Rybakov (Astrakhan State University, Russian Federation)

  • Prof. Milan Rapaic (University of Novi Sad, Serbia)

  • Prof. A.Buscarino (Università di Catania, IT)

  • Dr. Ankur Singh Bist (Towards Blockchain, India)

  • Dr. Mohammad Israr American University in Cairo, Egypt

  • Dr. Sudeshna Chakraborty Sharda University, India

  • Dr. Ozen Ozer Kirklareli University,Turkey.



IFGICT will award 3 Green IT Professional Exam Certifications + Course material to best 3 papers in the conference

Universita degli studi di CATANIA

Slama Best Choice Event Organization